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Ludwig Octa Plus in white Cortex finish 

Concert Toms 6”,8,01,12,13,14,15,16 floor Toms 16”,18 

(2) 24x14 bass drums 

6.5”x14 Porto type signature Brass Snare drum 

Cymbals: Paiste 602 

18,19,20” mediums

14” sound edge hi-hat (w regular hat bottom on top)

24” signature prototype ride 

10” signature splash, 14” crash set, 19” 2002 wild china, 12” signature Stewart Copeland hi-hats w Electronic kit 

Roland TD-50 full kit w 2 cymbals 

All Drum Workshop 9000 hardware and pedals 

Regal Tip 

Sutter Chopsticks 

“The Sutter” blue Brushes

Drum set Sutter 

cymbal mallet 

Canopus 30 strand snare wire 

Remo drumheads:

All clear vintage emperors 

C.S.X snare batter 

Low profile clear snare side 

Clear power stroke 3 bass drum 


Joe Perry & Friends - "Let The Music Do The Talking / Toys In The Attic / Pandora's Box

Live at the Borgata, Atlantic City, April 20th 2018.

"Brush With Pizza" promo film

A short film directed by Dikayl Rimmasch, to demo Jason's signature Regal Tip brushes.  Featuring Michael Bluestein (piano) and Bret Simons (bass).

Regal Tip "The Sutter" brushes demo

Jason demonstrates his signature brushes at Lone Star Perscussion.

"Spoonman" Live w/Chris Cornell

Live at the Orange County Fair Pavillion, 2009.

Wikidrummers Festival 2017
Drumeo Channel
Brushes - full lesson
"Hands Of Doom" 
Rudimental Snare Drum Solo
Chicago Drum Show - 2014
Clinic | Marilyn Manson "Little Horn"
"Show Me How To Live" - Live w/Chris Cornell
Rock Am Ring, Germany - 2009
"I Found Someone / If I Could Turn Back Time / Believe" - Live w/Cher
Philadelphia 2019
"The Beautiful People "- Live w/Marilyn Manson
"Feels Like The First Time" - Live w/Foreigner
iTunes Festival, London 2010
"Solar Fire" - Smith/Kotzen  2021
"Better Days" - Smith/Kotzen 2021
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